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For better spine health, exercise regularly!

Regular exercise and strengthening activities will promote a healthier, stronger and more stable spine. Start an exercise program slowly to give your muscles a chance to warm up. Check with your doctor prior to engaging in an exercise program.

Cut Calories and Fat, Not Flavor!

Instead of fat!

Try this…

And save this much

Whole milk   1% (low-fat)   5 grams per cup
2% milk   Skim milk (nonfat)   5 grams per cup
Cheddar cheese   Reduced-fat cheddar cheese   8 grams per ounce
Ice cream   Ice milk or frozen yogurt   4.5 grams per 1/2 cup
Sour cream   Non-fat sour cream   2 grams per tablespoon
Potato chips   Baked potato chips   10 grams per ounce
Buttered popcorn   Light popcorn   7 grams per serving
Ice cream bar   Frozen fudge pop   12 grams per bar
Pepperoni pizza   Vegetable pizza   7 grams per slice

Source: The American Cancer Society

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