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For better spine health, exercise regularly!

Regular exercise and strengthening activities will promote a healthier, stronger and more stable spine. Start an exercise program slowly to give your muscles a chance to warm up. Check with your doctor prior to engaging in an exercise program.

Kids Health

The best way to keep your kids healthy is to provide healthy meals and snacks and encourage them to be active.

Here’s five ways to get kids moving!

  1. Send them out to play. Kids are naturally more active when they're outside. Teach them backyard games like Hide & Go Seek, Tag, Jump Rope, Hop Scotch and so on. You may find it fun to make up a game!
  2. Make 1 hour of movement part of the child's homework. Let them take a break from the books and play dodge-ball or shoot hoops, throw a tennis ball against the wall, dance to music videos or most anything active.
  3. Help them “Find their own thing”. Not all kids like competitive sports. Skate boarding, martial arts, horseback riding, dance and things like this can often be more motivating.
  4. Get the family together for a physical activity once a week. Ask a different child to choose what you'll do each week.
  5. Limit “screen time” to no more than 2 hours per day. Kids tend to get moving on their own when T.V. and video games are not available.

Have fun!

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